Easy as pie - 5 steps to customize



We customize team shirt ideas chosen from our inventory or you submit your own

Endless customization choices for every custom need, like texts, images, logos, etc.

We personalize each item for apparel in bulk with personal names, nicknames, numbers, etc.

Prompt handling time, no matter the quantities of ordered team shirts or details.

- Get customized team shirts (add logo, team name, personal name,...) all are made according to your requirements.

- When ordering in bulk, depending on the quantity, there will be special coupons for you.

- Especially, our shop accepts to make shirts at your request, please describe to us we will do it (free team logo design for you).

Follow-up process:

Step 1: Receive your request.

Step 2: Process requests to make demo products to customers.

Step 3: Receive customer comments, correct as required and close the product with the customer.

Step 4: Processing and manufacturing the shirt

Step 5: deliver the product to the customer.